About Woody’s

Our Purpose and Value

Service, Quality, Reliability, Focus and Integrity.


Above all else, we are here to meet needs. To do that, we have to look to where those needs exist – out there. So we listen to our customers, to learn what they want so that we can deliver it – and more. We look to the markets in which we operate so that we can compete successfully and are ahead of the game. We keep a close eye on competitors, suppliers, even companies in other industries, people in entirely different walks of life, looking for new ideas, technologies and processes we can adapt and improve.


Doing better things, doing things better. As much in products as in processes, as much in the financial as in the technical and sales service arena, this is true. This means having the patience and the skills to gain professional competence and adopt a broader perspective. It is from this platform that we take the initiative, take calculated risks, and set out to do new things in new ways.

Our People

The future of our company is in our hands. We have excellent people committed to values such as candour, trust and integrity, people who at the same time demonstrate the efficiency, speed and initiative necessary for our business. We continue developing new ways to communicate across the company and throughout the world, ensuring that we capitalise on good ideas and innovations, not just where those ideas and innovations originated, but anywhere they can be applied. Through teamwork and co-operation, we enhance learning throughout the organisation.


We get things done. We deliver. We perform. On time. We set ambitious targets, benchmarking ourselves against peers, and always striving for “best practice” levels of performance. We look to reduce bureaucracy and the fear of taking reasonable risks. We accept occasional failures as inevitable, given the necessity for setting innovative and far-reaching targets. We constantly need to redefine “our jobs” in line with the changing demands of the new economy, in a continuous process of adaptation.


WOODY’s was established in 1978 by Mr P. J. Smollen and became operational in 1979. Mr Smollen was also the owner and managing director of Timber industries (Pty) Ltd and the Novoboard Group of Companies.
This was the first D.I.Y–type timber, board and hardware outlet to be established in the Port Elizabeth area, sourcing most of its materials from Timber Industries (Pty) Ltd and the Novoboard group.

Mr Colin Melmed took over as managing director of WOODY’s in 1982 and purchased the business from the Smollen family in 1984. Under his guidance and direction, the company grew from its original one manual saw, one delivery vehicle and twelve employees to the present four automated saws, IMA edge bander, thirty-three employees and three delivery vehicles.

Mr Colin Melmed decided to retire, and Mr and Mrs John Hallam purchased the business in March 2006. Mr Melmed continued to serve as an advisor to the new management to ensure continuity and clear guidance within the company.

Mr John Hallam has extensive experience in the corporate business world, having served as Chief Executive in several large quoted companies on the Johannesburg stock exchange as well as other overseas international markets.

More recently Mr Jason Bekker has acquired a shareholding in the business and was appointed as the Managing Director. Jason has had extensive experience in the industry, having worked in the business for the last fifteen years.

WOODY’s has recently revamped and upgraded the retail display section, including new sales counters, named after Mr Melmed (The “Colin Melmed Sales Counter”); innovative new product displays; a state-of-the-art working bar and professional staff offering their expertise and advice. This section is specifically designed for our customers and their clients to feel at home, view the product demonstrations and gain ideas and perspective for their “dream home”.

The production area is equipped with modern, PLC-driven equipment and staffed with well-trained professionals, taking pride in their work and delivery of quality products and service to the customer.

It is also with great excitement that, in 2012, we welcomed the team from Marble and Granite Designs into the WOODY’s fold. By the purchase of Marble and Granite Designs, WOODY’s can offer our customers a one-stop shop-fitting/cabinetry shopping experience. Customers can now purchase timber, board and counter surface related products (Engineered stone, Granite and Postform Top) from one stockist, a first in Port Elizabeth.

WOODY’s works hand-in-glove with the professional architects, developers, quantity surveyors, interior decorators and builders to bring projects into reality through our carefully selected quality-focussed cabinet makers and carpenters; our recommended partners who ensure all the reliability and perfection that our clients expect when building their “dream home”.

Today, WOODY’s is one of the largest timber and board merchants in Port Elizabeth, adding value to the board materials, with customers based all over the Eastern Province. We have some customers insisting on using our materials as far afield as Gauteng and the Free State.