Thickness: 3.2mm (White and Brown)
Sheet Size: 2440 x 1220mm

Our masonite boasts a much higher tensile strength, structural strength and internal bond than other substitutes on the market. It is also durable, resistant to abrasions and will not split, splinter or crack.

General uses for masonite include partitioning, packaging, flooring (underlay), built-in-cupboards, shuttering, signs, case goods, posters/picture backs, wall panelling, site office interiors, automotive interiors, shop fitting, exterior cladding, internal and external doors and garden sheds.

Our products are formaldehyde free, carry an e-zero emission rating and are manufactured in accordance with FSC regulations using natural binders.

MDF High Gloss

Our High Gloss MDF product, MelaWood® SupaGlossTM is a durable, UV hardened gloss surface manufactured locally with the latest technology according to international standards.

Consistent in quality and colour, it achieves exceptionally high gloss levels with excellent wear resistance making it perfect for your home, office or retail environment.

Melamine Faced Boards

Melamine faced boards, also known as MFB, are wood-based panels laminated with melamine impregnated papers.
MFB are manufactured by laminating these wood-based panels and impregnated papers under high heat and pressure, between specialized hard chrome caul embossing plates, to provide a wear and water resistant surface finish.

Melamine impregnated papers are available as plain colours, high-quality woodgrain designs or various other designs and images including digital prints.

Our surface prints are designed by the finest designers in Europe and printed on the most advanced high-speed printing lines available, producing the most authentic fashion designs available.

The substrate or core of our laminated products take the form of chipboard.

Oriented Strand Board

Thickness: 6mm, 18mm
Sheet Size: 2440 x 1220mm

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is a product made from thin strands of timber layered in oriented layers, bonded by a synthetic resin. Boards do not contain natural wood defects (knots, cracks, etc.). Chip size in the surface layer shows off the natural structure, colour and rustic appearance of natural wood.

The OSB we source has been developed and manufactured in line with the current demand for healthy living, focusing primarily on organic materials. Manufactured using suitable timber and adhesives, our OSB meets the most stringent requirements of environmental buildings. Strands are bound with a formaldehyde-free adhesive. Formaldehyde emissions are limited to the natural content of formaldehyde in solid wood.

Plain Chipboard

Thickness: 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 32mm
Sheet Size: 2745 x 1830MM

Particleboard, also known as chipboard, is a composite wood-based panel manufactured by compressing wood particles and resin under heat, resulting in a panel that is durable, dimensionally stable and consistent throughout. Chipboard’s main use is for internal applications such as kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, shopfitting, furniture and various other commercial and domestic applications.


Thickness: 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm
Sheet Size: 2440 x 1220mm

Plywood is a wood based panel manufactured from thin sheets of wood veneer bonded together by an adhesive. Plywood has good dimensional stability under conditions of varying moisture and does not split as easily as conventional wood. Plywood is available from Woodys primarily in Pine with a grade C+/C, which is ideal for shuttering and other structural uses.

Raw MDF Board

Thickness: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 32mm

Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is a composite wood-based panel manufactured from fine wood fibers and resin, which are bonded together under heat and pressure. MDF has a structured uniform density throughout with a fine and smooth surface. These qualities give MDF the machining ability required to produce complex designs.


Thickness: 13mm
Sheet Size: 2440 x 1220mm

Our Softboard can be used to fulfill a variety of different applications.

The cellular nature of Softboard makes it an effective insulate of both heat and sound.

General uses for softboard include insulation ceiling boards, display boards, wall linings, office screens, flooring acoustic underlay, pin boards, protective packaging, backing boards, cake boards, expansion joints, firelighters and protective covering boards of high cost horizontal and vertical surfaces on building projects.

Our products are formaldehyde free, carry an e-zero emission rating and are manufactured in accordance with FSC regulations using natural binders.

Supa Matt – MDF Board

MelaWood® SupaMatt™ uses a MelaWood® on SupaWood® core to create a high performance material.

MelaWood® SupaMatt™ is a single face matt with matching Peen backer for sophisticated technology.

MelaWood® SupaMatt™ sold in pack sizes only.

Supa Texture – MDF Board

MelaWood® SupaTexture™ uses a SupaWood® core

MelaWood® SupaTexture™ is a single face deep structure with matching Peen backer and is 16MM thick

MelaWood® SupaTexture™ sold in pack sizes only