Fittings and Decorative Hardware

From angular and modern to detailed and ornate, Woodys offers a wide variety of pulls, handles, knobs and hinges designed to coordinate easily from cabinet-to-cabinet and room-to-room. Each one is made with precision, sized to fit everything from the smallest drawer to the largest door and can easily be replaced if your sense of style changes. This is where purpose, personality and possibilities collide.

LED Lighting

LED lights have an extremely long life and reduce unnecessary waste. In addition to being incredibly energy efficient, our LED lights are powerful. They have a rich and saturated colour that with a simple push of a button dramatically illuminates any room.

At Woody’s, we offer a variety of different power systems for any residential or commercial application. Our 12 V systems are voltage-controlled and connected in parallel in the 12 V system. We also have 24 V systems that can be utilized with brighter lights, along with 350 mA system that is current-controlled.


We offer a wide variety of sliding solutions for furniture applications.  We are a leading supplier of sliding hardware for wood doors, coplaner doors, sliding glass doors, and lateral door applications.  Our hardware experience and quality manufacturing facilities assure you a smooth fitting solution.

Closet Organisation

Our wide collection of unique home and closet organization fittings and systems will help create a more manageable closet space, regardless of the size. At Woody’s, we have hardware solutions for any type of residential or commercial project. Whether you are looking for wardrobe tubes, baskets, or specific hooks, we have the perfect product for any job.


Simply put, your cabinets work as well as they do because of the hinges you choose. And these sturdy, durable pieces of hardware pack a whole bunch of functionality into a small package—everything from full adjustability to soft close settings which can be personalized to your liking. We carry a wide variety of cabinet hinge styles and options from top-tier manufacturers such as Salice, Grass, Aximat and many others—all at a variety of price points.